Advanced Physiotherapy Costs 

& Terms and conditions



New patient. Initial appointment with treatment. (Max 75 minutes)


Existing Patient follow up or return appointment (Max 60 minutes)


Existing Patient follow up or return appointment (Max 45 minutes)


Existing Patient follow up or return appointment (Max 30 minutes)


Extended appointment over 60 mins, or pro-rata. (Note #2)


“Out of Clinic Hours” appointment (Min. 60mins. charge) (Note #2)


Cancellation with more than 24hrs notice.


Cancellation within 24hrs notice. (Note #3)


No Show Fee (No advance notice) (Note #3)


Preparing Letters and Medical Reports where a claim is involved.

£25 >

Preparing and submitting GP letters, if requested.


Out of Clinic Consultations & Consultancy - Day Rate applicable.

#1              Treatment is defined and considered to be given if the patient is asked to sit or lie down on the couch and therapist 
                  makes adjustments by laying their hands on the patient, uses manual therapy, always with your agreement.

#2              Extended Appointments & Appointments Out of Clinic Hours (09:00-17:00)
                  are only accepted with prior agreement of patient and therapist.

#3              We reserve the right to request pre-payment :

                 a) To re-book a future appointment where there has been a  “No-Show” or “Cancellation within 24hrs”
                    This also applies to patients who cancel one or more appointments in succession.
                 b) New patients for their first appointment.

Payment Terms


- Payment terms are for settlement in full at the end of each appointment, unless a deposit or pre-payment is required.
- Payment can be made in cash or by Debit or Credit card (Visa/Mastercard only).
- Payment by cheque are no longer accepted, unless by prior agreement with existing clients.
- Due to forgery £50 and £100 notes are not accepted. 
Please advise the therapist if you do not have cash funds to settle your consultation, before the consultation starts.
- A receipt can be provided on request.  
- If you are claiming the treatment from your company or insurance, where forms or reports are required to be completed, an administrative fee of £60/hr, pro-rata applies.
- Any other services or promotional rates offered for existing private payments, are basis cash payment.
 No credit or other payment terms are offered.


These terms and conditions are subject to review and provided for guidance only, without prejudice.